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 Comwardly Obamas backdoor invasion 

President opens the flood gates while ignoring the threat from radical jihadists. President

Obama’s rhetoric refuses to address the very real issue of terrorism on our borders and

sleeper cells within the United States. His disdain for our founding principals has become

overtly apparent to a majority of Americans. A communist New World Order agenda appears to

be playing out its final stages before our very eyes. Now, thousands of illegals from Syria

are being brought into the United States. A perfect cover for Al Qaeda and ISIS to infiltrate

and activate the dormant islamic extremist terroristic cells nested and blatantly ignored by

our government in the heartland of the United States. An international lawyer specialising

in immigration said Mr Farage’s comments contained “worrying” overtones. Sarosh Zaiwalla

said: “Although it’s tempting to some focus only on the negative aspects of migration

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