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 Nigel Farage: Immigration made cheap British labour 

Britain is the “cheap labour economy of the European Union” as a result of waves of

immigration in recent years, Nigel Farage has claimed. The Ukip leader also repeated a

controversial call for Britain to shut its doors to new arrivals with a “serious life-

threatening illness”. An academic study today calculated that migrant workers from the

EU had contributed far more in tax than they had claimed in benefits over a decade. It

found that immigrants who arrived since 2000 were 43 per cent less likely than UK-born

workers to receive state benefits or tax credits and seven per cent less likely to live

in social housing. And it suggested the newcomers were more highly educated than the UK

average. But, speaking during the Rochester by-election campaign, Mr Farage lambasted

the “uncontrolled” levels of migration from EU, massive oversupply in the labour market

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